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Inventor Resources

    Here are some resources you may find useful. Be aware that many of the .com sites offer products or services for sale. This list does not constitute an expressed or implied endorsement by the SBA or SBDC of any website opinions, products, or services. The following is supplied only for your information. Use caution when evaluating any offer requiring payment.

    MIPO is a non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon that provides resources, training, and access to consultative services to inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses that are creating, inventing, designing, new products
    Washington State University has an Washington Innovation Assessment Center which provides a feasibility analysis and market research on your product.
    The Oregon Entrepreneur Network has helped foster the flow of entrepreneurial ideas, services, and capital to entrepreneurs.
    US Patent and Trademark Office’s site offers comprehensive information on Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and Domain names as well as legal and legislation information.  Also provides help with preliminary patent searches.
    Go to the Copyright Office on the Library of Congress site for information on legislation and records as well as forms and publications.
    National Inventor Fraud Center provides information on “Inventor First Steps,” how to market ideas, licensing, patent protect, and other references as well as information about promotion companies.
    IBM’s site hosts the Intellectual Property Network which provides the resources to search, view, and download any US patent in the last 26 years.
    Once you register, you can search through a database of more than 173,000 US and Canadian manufacturers to find a company to contact.  You may also get this information through the main library (Ft. Vancouver Regional in Vancouver, WA) since they will normally have a set of registers—the web site might be more up-to-date.
  • offers state, federal, and international trademark searches on names, designs, logos, slogans, and domain names.
    Da Vinci Design Resource provides links to learn more on patents, copyrights, trademarks, and design resources.
    The Inventors’ Network--Provides inventors with a way to network as well as provide assistance in developing and marketing inventions.
    Trade Show Central offers details on over 30,000 trade shows and event management solutions once you have a supply of product to sell.
    Nolo provides legal information in “Plain English.”  This site offers legal information on patents, trademarks, and copyrights involving protecting your invention, registration, infringement, trademark searches, etc.
  • Do you need overall guidance in developing your idea?
  • Are you a small business wanting to work with the WSU-V business students to enhance your operations?

    Contact the Business Growth Mentor Analysis Program (BGMAP) at WSU-V: or call 360-546-9533
  • Are you a manufacturer that has been operating for three years and looking for marketing support?

    Contact City of Vancouver Business Development regarding the MarketLink program:
  • Do you have a medical device and looking for funding?

    Consider WINGS out of Puget Sound:
  • Are you looking for investors?

    Oregon Entrepreneur Network
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  • Mosley, Thomas E., Jr. Marketing Your Invention

    Chicago: Upstart Publishing, 1997.

  • Pressman, David. Patent It Yourself

    Berkeley: Nolo Press, 2004.

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