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Know Yourself
Know Your Market Niche
Know Your Customer
Know Your Finances
  • List your financial strengths and weaknesses

    Pay attention to credit history available cash/assets, and current financial obligations, outside resources. Carefully assess your financial health by comparing what you own to what you owe.
  • If considering the business as an investment, seek the advice of an investment professional.

    Meet with a Financial Advisor or CPA:
Develop a Business Plan
Do YOU Have the Money? To Borrow or not to Borrow?
  • Determine how you will finance your business.

    Do you have personal cash: savings, family investment, or equipment that can be converted to a company asset? Complete personal financial statements; Balance Sheet and Inflow/Outflow analysis. List the resources you will commit from your analysis (cash and assets). Determine if that is enough or will you need to seek cash from other sources?
  • Consider options: lenders, suppliers (trade or credit), "angel" finance, venture capital, insurance company

    Can you meet the 5 "Cs"? (Positive Credit, Collateral, Credibility through Experience, Cash Equity, Capacity to Repay) Have initial meeting with lender or investors to assess ability to raise capital. If you don't have 25-30% of the business's start-up costs and/or you have a poor credit rating, you may find it difficult to secure outside loans.
  • Is your Business plan and loan proposal draft complete?

    Review business plan or loan proposal with SCORE or SBDC advisor. Identify lender or investor and make appointment:
Create a Legal Entity
Permitting for Construction
Comprehensive Checklist

Got all that?

Alright then, let's keep moving forward!
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